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A unique web analytics and traffic intelligence platform providing extensive market and consumer behavior data to enrich and accelerate your acquisition decisions

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How To Analyze TAM And Market Share To Elevate And Accelerate Acquisition Decisions

TAM and market share are two strong business metrics that could ultimately influence acquisition decisions but are difficult to calculate and with questionable reliability. With Similarweb’s Shopper Intelligence, accurate data for these are more accessible than ever.

Download and unlock:
  • How to Determine a Sub-category’s TAM

  • How to Compare Sub-category and Brand’s TAM data

  • How to Know a Brand’s market position

  • How to Perform Data-driven Acquisition Decisions

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How To Enrich Acquisition Decisions By Analyzing Brand Loyalty And Retention

Determining brand equity or loyalty is necessary before eventually deciding a go or no-go acquisition. Let SimilarWeb’s intuitive web analytics platform – Shopper Intelligence – equip you with accurate loyalty & retention data to make an informed investment decision.

Download and unlock:
  • How to Analyze Sub-category and Brand Loyalty and Retention

  • How to Determine the Purchase Frequency of a Brand

  • How to Determine the Average Days Since the Last Purchase of a Brand

  • How to Make Use of Loyalty and Retention Data to Influence Acquisition Decisions

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How To Identify Potential Expansion Opportunities To Additional Channels & Marketplaces

Imagine being able to accurately assess a brand’s growth potential across other regions and sales channels before acquisition. Make smarter investment decisions today with SimilarWeb’s Shopper Intelligence.

Download and unlock:
  • How to Identify Marketplaces Where you could Potentially Grow a Brand

  • How to Find Brands with Potential Omnichannel Presence

  • How to Determine a Brand’s Mark

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