A comprehensive approach to building your customized Agency system

Escala provides hands-on scaling services for agencies, including Digital, Creative, Ad, CRO, Performance Agencies, and more. Our belief and experience dictate that growth lies in empowering creatives to invest in their client experience while we provide the infrastructure for designing and implementing the systems that power their success.


Agencies are professionalizing fast

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Too much to wrap your hands around

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What's most important?

How do you address all of the aspects of the business with confidence that you're achieving set business goals?

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Are we scaling or just growing?

Revenue growth is essential, but is it being done efficiently? Are you confident you're adding the correct headcount at the right moments? Do you have the right KPIs aligned with the business objectives and quarterly and annual goals? Do you have a 12-month plan that will increase or retain your current margins?

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Focus on Growth while we Create Order, Structure and Unlock Scale

Escala is tried and tested in working with Agencies and has helped businesses achieve degrees of scale only historically possible by BBDO, Clemengers, Ogelvi, Publicis, and Dentsu.


The Key to Creating Effective Systems

True scale can only be achieved through the alignment of three key pillars: People, Process, and Technology.


Get ready for growth with our people transformation. Escala conducts a deep analysis into your organizational structure and incentives, leading to improvements in your:

  • Organizational Chart
  • Accountability Chart
  • KPIs/OKRs/Rocks
  • Performance Management & Incentives


  • A scalable organization design

  • Seamless and touch-free onboarding

  • Increased accountability and internal ownership


Streamline your business with our process delivery. Escala analyzes your tasks and processes, leading to:

  • Process Maps
  • Business-wide SOPs
  • A Company Wiki that organizes your SOPs


  • A bottleneck-free business

  • Organizational-wide efficiencies

  • Reduced meetings with more relevant information

  • Implementation of best practices from our years of experience


Optimize your technology stack with our technology assessment. Escala audits your software and technology, leading to:

  • Built daily workflows in a Project Management tool
  • Removal of redundant technology
  • Optimization of existing software
  • Recommendation and implementation of new technology


  • Savings on unnecessary technology

  • Understanding of tools that unlock growth at scale

  • Heightened focus on automation and reduced person dependency.

The Gap Between You and the Next Stage of your Growth is a Well-Oiled System

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Discovery Call

During the discovery call, we'll take the time to understand your business and its unique challenges. We'll map out your high-level processes and gather all the information we need to prepare a proposal that's tailored to your needs.
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After the Project Kick-off, our consultants will interview each of your team members to document your current state and identify operational pain points. We'll prepare a comprehensive presentation of our findings and recommendations based on industry best practices and benchmark you against our previous clients from your vertical.
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In the design phase, we'll work with you to design the future state of your business at a high level. We'll focus on changes to your people, process, and technology and deliver future state process maps to guide the way forward.
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During the integration phase, we'll document all of your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and implement them into an intuitive company wiki. We'll integrate a project management tool and train your team on how to use everything effectively.
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Finally, in the accelerate phase, we'll help you leverage your systems to accelerate your growth. We'll provide ongoing support to maintain and update your SOPs, onboard new talent, and integrate new technology.


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