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SOP Documentation

Remove the guesswork from your day-to-day workflows with step-by-step guidelines built specifically for your operation. The Escala consultants will interview your team members to gather all the relevant information before delivering your SOPs in the format of your choice. Our proven process enables our consultants to execute highly detailed and accurate SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) with minimal input from your busiest team members.
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Operational Audit - Findings & Recommendations

Benchmark your operation against your direct competition to find out what you’re getting right and where you’re getting left behind. Escala will dive deep into your workflows to pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Within weeks, we will deliver a polished presentation that analyzes your People, Process, and Technology, identifying what can be delegated or automated, and offering a detailed implementation plan for improvement.
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Process Re-Design
& Integration

Say goodbye to operational inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Following the Operational Audit, Escala holds your hand through the implementation of the recommendations to design a future state that optimizes the productivity of your team.
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Project Management Tool Implementation

Increase visibility and eliminate micro-management simultaneously. Escala implements your workflows into a Project Management Tool to create a centralized environment for your operation and trains your team to leverage the platform successfully. We can implement the Project Management Tool of your choice, but our favorites are ClickUp, Monday, and Airtable.
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Organization & Accountability Chart Design

Reduce confusion for your entire team through an Accountability Chart design. Identify the future trajectory of your operation and build a hiring roadmap for key roles. Ensure that roles are organized by accountabilities rather than tasks to empower your team to work backward from business outcomes.
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Customized Company Wiki Creation

Escala’s KPI is that any person in the organization should be able to find the answer to any operational/organizational question within 15 seconds. Your company wiki is only as useful as it is intuitive; it needs to be easy to use at the moment of call. Leverage Escala’s experience building wikis for companies like yours to supercharge your team.
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Onboarding Plan

The first 90 days of a new hire’s journey will determine their success in a role - don’t leave it up to chance. Simply relying on shadowing and self-learning is not enough to ensure they get off to a strong start. Leverage Escala’s SOPs and Company Wiki to build comprehensive Onboarding Plans for your new hires that will set them up for success from Day 1.
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KPIs & Performance Management

Don’t leave your employees guessing! Work with Escala to design effective Performance Management mechanisms that improve and motivate your team. Establish predictable KPIs and performance goals to inspire your team to maximize their contribution to the business goal.
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New Technology Integration

Implementing new technology with significant operational impact can make or break a business. As your implementation partner, Escala will make it a sure thing! After interviewing your team to understand the use cases, Escala will work closely with the software company to customize the tool to your needs, document the SOPs, and train your team to use the tool effectively.
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Ongoing Dedicated Support

Like with any new habit or practice, it can be awfully tempting to fall back into the “old way of doing things.” In those moments, Escala catches you before you fall, to make sure your business systems are always up and running.


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