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The award-winning Amazon analytics platform that leverages customer behavior data into compelling growth strategies

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How To Optimize Amazon PPC Strategy By Understanding Customer Lifetime Value

Understanding your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is paramount to making smarter marketing decisions. Leverage how Nozzle provides you with visibility over these two metrics to influence your PPC strategy.

Download and unlock:
  • How to Identify ASINs with High Organic Repurchase Rates

  • How to Calculate your LTV/CAC Margin per Cohort

  • How to Set your Breakeven ACoS Targets based on Average LTV

  • How to Optimize Amazon PPC Strategy based on revised Breakeven ACoS

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How To Increase Customer Retention By Leveraging Repeat Purchase Data

Amazon customer retention is usually overlooked due to limited data and strict terms of service (TOS). Today, you can change the game and maximize profitability by retargeting your customers with the help of data analytics.

Download and unlock:
  • How to Analyze your Customer Retention Rates per ASIN

  • How to Identify the Average TIme Lag between Customer Orders

  • How to Execute Customer Retention Strategies via Amazon Remarketing

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How To Increase Amazon CLV And AOV By Promoting Cross-Purchases

Strong brand presence and customer engagement are wildly valuable to the Amazon ecosystem, and you can influence this effectively with the right data-driven strategies.

Download and unlock:
  • How to Analyze Cross-Purchases within your Amazon Store

  • How to Leverage Purchase Cadence into your Marketing

  • How to Execute Cross-Promotion Strategies Effectively

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