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Amazon Sellers' Research Assistant

Effortlessly explore in-depth Amazon products, retrieve all sales/competitor/keyword data to instantly discover.

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How To Assign A Risk And Opportunity Score To A New Potential Product In Just Minutes

Speed up your product research and innovation process with Data Dive’s automated keyword research tool

Download and unlock:
  • How to Create a Master Keyword Sheet in Seconds

  • How to Take Advantage of Outlier KWs

  • How to Assign a Risk and Opportunity Score to a Product

  • How to Identify Opportunities with an AI Product Brief

Data Dive SOP 2/4

How To Write Amazon Listing Copy To Maximize Ranking Juice

Build your listing copy with keyword research data to maximize ranking score potential and outrank competitors

Download and unlock:
  • How to Conduct Keyword Analysis Effectively

  • How to Leverage your Competitor’s Listing Performance

  • How to Write Listing with an Al Copywriter and Optimizer + Best Practices for Amazon Listing Writing

Data Dive SOP 3/4

How to Boost Revenue Potential by Optimizing Your Amazon PPC Campaigns

Boost ranking and revenue with strategic PPC optimization using keyword groups and bid strategies

Download and unlock:
  • How to Select the Right Keywords to Target in your Campaigns

  • How to Generate PPC Campaigns Fast with Data Dive

  • How to Track KW Ranking and Ad Performance

  • How to Optimize PPC Campaign for Growth and Maintenance

Data Dive SOP 4/4

How to Optimize an Existing Amazon Listing for Maximum Organic Ranking Potential

Effective listing optimization informs customers to see your product, click on it, and buy. Learn how to maximize organic ranking with Data Dive’s solutions

Download and unlock:
  • How to Monitor and Analyze Organic Keyword Rankings

  • How to Analyze your Listing vs Competitors

  • How to Identify Optimization Opportunities

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