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A revolutionary Business Intelligence software that aligns your business decisions to drive sales and optimize margins.

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How To Instantly Group Products Into Actionable Categories By Leveraging Cuyari’s Product Journey Reports

Cuyari’s Product Journey Dashboard is the ultimate tool so you can take control of your product performance. With easy-to-use visual real-time metrics, the dashboard allows teams to track their success on Amazon, replicate it, and address performance issues proactively. Say goodbye to multiple reports generation and manual interventions with Cuyari’s Product Journey Dashboard!

Download and unlock:
  • How to Review Sales Performance using Product Journey Dashboard

  • How to Analyze Product Trends from the Product Journey Dashboard

  • How to Drilldown on Products with Upward Trends and capitalize on that success

  • How to Drilldown on Products with Downward Trends and recommended strategies to boost sales performance

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How To Understand The Impact Of Product Returns On Your Profit Margin With Cuyari’s Returns Report

Empower yourself as a seller and unlock your full potential by taking control of your returns process today. With Cuyari’s advanced returns management system, you can streamline your operations and operate more efficiently than ever before!

Download and unlock:
  • How to Assess Cuyari’s Returns Report

  • How to Identify Products with High Return Rates and its Top Reasons of Returns

  • How to Understand the Impact of Returns to your Profit Margins

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How To Create A Feedback Loop On A Pricing Change Using Cuyari’s Decision Tracker (or Any Listing Change)

Measure the impact of any listing changes on your sales performance. With this powerful tool, you can confidently and easily make informed decisions about listing updates, backed by the data you need to make the best choice for your business!

Download and unlock:
  • How to Create a New Decision/Listing Update to Track

  • How to Analyze the Impact of the Change Applied Using Cuyari’s Decision Tracker

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