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Generate more revenue at higher margins with Brandable's business intelligence platform.Track real-time performance, run lightning fast analytics, and unlock unique insights, all in one place.

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How to Simulate the P&L Effects of a Promotion Price with Brandable

Understanding the impact of promotional pricing on your profit margins is crucial for making informed marketing decisions. With Brandable's Simulation tool, you can measure the effects of your promotional pricing strategy on your P&L without additional predictive tools or spreadsheet calculations.

Download and unlock:
  • How to identify products for pricing simulations for upcoming events

  • How to input promotion details and run simulations

  • How to analyze simulated P&L and forecast reports

  • How to adjust planned Ad Spend based on simulation results

  • How to create an actionable promotion plan based on insights

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How to Monitor and Analyze
SKU-level KPIs with Brandable

Analyzing product performance is crucial for Amazon sellers to understand their business's health and make informed decisions. This SOP guides you on how to effectively monitor your product KPIs, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to boost profitability and growth.

Download and unlock:
  • How to Set the Timing for Analyzing Product KPI Metrics

  • How to Set the Details of the Analysis

  • How to Run the Analysis and Load the Report

  • How to Analyze the Base and Comparison Periods for Product Performance

  • How to Review and Approve Recommendations

  • How to Prepare an Action Plan Based on Feedback

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